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Elia Sterling


Since receiving a professional degree in Architecture in 1979 Mr. Sterling has pursued a career in research and consulting on indoor air quality and building science and technology that has resulted in over 100 peer reviewed articles and conference presentations. Throughout his career Mr. Sterling has been involved in the development of North American Building Codes and Standards and Occupational Regulations related to indoor air quality, ventilation and thermal comfort. Mr. Sterling was a member of the development committee for the internationally recognized ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality “and is now a liaison for the committee charged with the continuous maintenance process of that influential standard.

As for practical field experience, Mr. Sterling has conducted indoor air quality assessments on buildings encompassing over 500 million square feet of office, commercial and hospitality space. For this work, Mr. Sterling has shared in a number of awards including the BC Hydro Design Excellence Award and the CANMET C2000 Advanced Commercial Buildings Program Award.
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