Building tenants are more and more aware of the health and comfort problems that can be caused by environmental conditions inside buildings. While symptoms such as eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches and fatigue are common, widespread serious health impairment has yet to be linked to indoor air quality. In fact, most IAQ concerns are about comfort conditions, particularly stale and stuffy air, less than ideal temperature conditions and unpleasant odours. Health & Safety regluations require the employer to complete an investigation when an indoor air quality complaint is recieved. Theodor Sterling Associates assists employers by investigating the compliants and assessing a course of action. Our IAQ services include:

Discussions with employees and managers to determine the extent of the indoor air quality complaint.

Testing of the indoor air to evaulate the quality of the indoor air. Our testing capabilities include:

Temperature and Humidity
-Carbon Dioxide
-Carbon Monoxide
-Mould and Bacteria
-Respirable Suspended Particulates
-Total Dust
-Environmental Tobacco Smoke
-Volatile Organic Compounds
-Asbestos and other Fibres

Walkthrough inspections of the occupied space and the accessible components of the HVAC systems,

Archival documentation of results, including comparison with regulatory standards, recommended guidelines and previous test periods.

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